XP to Windows 7 Upgrade Not So Simple

Many of us out there chose not to get Windows Vista installed on our new computers.Many people downgraded from Vista to XP or ensured they bourght a computer with XP and not Vista.A lot of people now want to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 XP to Windows 7 upgrade.There is a slight issue with this.Microsoft has not come out with a direct upgrade path to upgrade XP to Windows 7.

I know I’m not the only one out there who is a little steamed about Microsoft not coming out with a way for XP users to migrate over to Windows 7.XP is a decade old and Microsoft is not supporting it any more and that is the reason they did not provide and option out there for the upgrade.I am still perplexed by this.  I know of one company out there that provides software to do just that.For the life of me I don’t know why a third party vendor could make such a tool yet Microsoft was not able to or did not want to.Even though Microsoft could not make a program to do the upgrade you can follow the link above to learn about a company that was able to make such an upgrade program.

What Options do You have?

You can always just insert the Windows 7 disk and wipe out the XP operating system.The big down side here is having to re-install all your programs and you would need to backup your personal files and settings first.   A good site to check out on backing up files and doing file transfers is this pc to pc file transfer site.

Another way that this can be done is to first upgrade to Vista and then to Windows 7.This is not that good of an option because you would need to purchase Vista.  So you would not only have to purchase Windows 7 but another operating system that you do not plan on using.  That is why we recommend using the only software known to XP to Windows 7 upgrade.

I think plenty of people out there got a raw deal on this one.On the bright side of things many experts out they say Windows 7 is the best operating system Microsoft has ever put out.You will need to use the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser first.  It’s free from Microsoft and it will let you know if all your hardware and software programs are compatible.In many cases people will need to update some drivers like their video card or printer drivers to get those devices to work on Windows 7.

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