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Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 Phase III

Adam Short recently announced the deployment of Niche Profit Classroom 4.0, which was under development for more than a year. NPC 4.0, which represents a major upgrade, was released progressively in three phases, beginning in Summer 2011.

Phase I consisted of three major upgrades to the Niche Profit System. The first Phase I upgrade is the release of the Niche Profit Shortcut training series, which helps members create small sites quickly and start generating profit from those sites immediately. Niche Profit Press Ultimate is a site builder allowing members to build niche sites for Adsense, affiliate review sites and merchant sites for members’ own product sales. The third major upgrade is to the Keyword Advantage tool, which implements the moneyword matrix keyword formula.

Phase II included the introduction of a new video course: Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery Single Product, major upgrades to several of the members only software tools, and a complete overhaul of the Niche Profit Classroom control panel.

Phase III is the final NPC upgrade phase, released to members within the past week (mid-February, 2012). This phase also includes a new video, this one called Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery — Multiple Product, which reveals powerful techniques for building review websites. Also in Phase II are upgrades to the Niche Profit Press site builder, which makes it easier to create those review sites. Finally, many of you may be interested in Niche Profit Vendor Mastery. NPVM contains training for a step-by-step process to profit online as a product owner.

Sign up for the 14-Day, $1 Trial of Niche Profit Classroom 4.0. You can also sign up as an NPC affiliate to promote Niche Profit Classroom on your site.

MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool

Recently we have received some questions and searches on our site about the MoneyWord Matrix and MoneyWord Matrix for Mac; so we wanted to say a few things about these inquiries.

First, the moneyword matrix is conceptual. The concept was introduced by Adam Short, and it describes a set of criteria by which a site owner can judge the likelihood of successfully competing for a first-page ranking for his/her desired keywords. The only commercially available software product that we are aware of that implements the concept correctly is Adam’s Keyword Advantage, which is available to members of his Niche Profit Classroom Training Center.

The moneyword matrix is essentially about the strength of competition for your niche’s target keywords. Please note, however, that you do not need to have Keyword Advantage in order to implement this concept. Adam has described the manual procedure several times in articles, webinars and training courses. Using Google, Excel, and some Firefox plugins, users can develop a list of keywords that they can identify as being reasonably worth the effort to try to rank for — or not.

We have used Adam’s software many times with successful results. We don’t have any specific knowledge of a Mac version. The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. A detailed video about the moneyword matrix, titled “The MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Research Formula” is publicly available on the Niche Profit Classroom web site.

Niche Product Tutorial
Niche Software News

As of October 4, 2012 Fabian Lim (Keyword Research Pro) has reported that the finishing touches are being added to the new version 2.0, hopefully ready for release within days.
This new version will include a Local Keyword Effectiveness Index that will help identify suitable and effective keywords to target for local markets, and the ability to import a (CSV) list of keywords to generate Google Volume and/or Google Competition. The keyword import feature is not as trivial as it sounds, since many people acquire keyword lists from sources other than the Google Keyword Tool.
Keyword Research Pro 2.0 will operate on PCs and Macs.

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