Joint Venture Marketing – The Fastest Marketing Technique on the Planet

There is a straightforward design to joint ventures. If you’ve heard that joint ventures are difficult to manage, you need a different source of information. It is because of this worn out idea that so many joint marketers keep themselves under wraps. Unwilling to deal with the rejection that can occur in a partnership, these marketers are hesitant to approach even top-notch potential partners. This fear has grown to such proportions that it has them believing that they no longer can gain any leverage through joint venture marketing. Not really, because creating a mutual partnership will only help you work with each other’s assets and grow a business together. Every day, joint ventures are forming all over the world, in all sizes and types, from big corporations to small home businesses. If you are the type of person who feels ‘real world’ marketing is intimidating, you need to read on and understand just what it is you are missing. We will be discussing on how you can approach other businesses and what you must keep in mind when doing so.

Most people erroneously propose very nebulous ideas to their potential joint venture partners, but this kind of thing will not typically elicit a positive response. While an e-mail can get your message across, this method will not be able to deliver the gravity of your message. The contact that you initiate should reveal more about you and your company, if you are serious about a joint venture. Don’t send an email to the person, instead, pick up your phone and call them. Face to face meetings are the ideal in these circumstances. They will understand the sincerity of your contact, therefore reducing the possibility of being cast off as an arbitrary company. There are so many people out there trying the fly-by-night schemes, and they are going to try to get the person you want as well, so they’re going to be a little skittish. It’s your job to make them comfortable. Also, you have to anticipate the deal taking a little time to warm up to. Make sure you explicitly explain the multiple advantages they will receive as a result of your collaboration. Your JV prospect really needs to know exactly how that product works, and be fully convinced that they can sell it to others.

The partnership proposal you make should contain the full impact of how beneficial this arrangement will be for them. Giving them first-hand knowledge and experience with your product is a great way to educate them about your business and products which will make them more likely to want a partnership with you. Give them a JV copy of what you’re selling so that they can go through it and understand the quality it offers. It makes it much easier to convince them and seal the deal. No one wants to spoil the relationship they have with their customers by recommending a product that’s not worthy. In person, meetings and sample products are great ways to show them you are a genuine person and one that can be trusted. Far too many people don’t want to show their product to their prospect for this very reason. In the long run, your success and your business relationship will only grow.

Initially, you may also try to offer your product at a special price to your joint venture partner’s existing list. These new prospects may well find such an exclusive offer too good to pass up. It is essential that you stand out from your competitors in order to attract the attention of new clients. If you do these things, you will successfully “sell” yourself to your potential JV partner and your product will fly into the hands of your partner’s customers. If you offer this deal to all your potential joint venture partners, it is highly likely you will get more than one positive response. This will increase your chances of having larger sales and thereby increasing profits for both partners which, in and of itself, will help lead to a long time relationship.

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