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Long Tail Pro

Whether it’s attracting more customers to your company’s website, or increasing the number of visitors on your online niche blog, good keyword selection is essential to successfully market your website online. Picking the right words can make a huge difference in the amount of clicks you receive, and the number of sales you make. But without the right tool you will struggle in vain to make your business grow. That’s why using a good keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro (LTP) can help your online business grow from obscurity, to ranking at the top of the Google search results page.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful piece of software designed to simplify keyword research. With only inputing one or two words related to your business, you can get literally hundreds of different (but related) keywords in a matter of a few seconds. From there on you can simply select the keyword combination that works best for you by making use of complex filters and metrics. Long Tail Pro has many excellent features that put it ahead of its competition, so let’s see some of the best ones.


Long Tail Pro allows you to find the perfect keyword for your search engine marketing in just a couple of seconds. In fact, all you need to do is write your seed keywords, and the program will generate hundreds of long tail keywords which are ranked based on a number of metrics, such as number of searches, or keyword competitiveness. Going for long tail keywords can dramatically increase your company’s exposure to potential customers, because more than 70% of internet users prefer to include long tail keywords in their searches.

Using long tail keywords is the perfect option for small companies, which would otherwise struggle to get a high-ranking if they used typically high-traffic small keywords. Long tail keywords generate less traffic, but they are more likely to catch customers who are closer to the point-of-purchase. LTP uses Google Keyword Planner to get accurate data on how often a keyword is searched, and takes these ideas to create new keywords that match your needs.


Keyword marketing is not just about finding the perfect combination of words, you also need to consider how many of your competitors are using the same phrase. LTP calculates keyword difficulty based on how many pages are ranking with the same phrase, how many advertisers are bidding on it, the average cost of each click and how many searches does the term have online. This allow you to learn which is the level of keyword difficulty that you should target in order to maximize your keyword’s search ranking.

By using the built-in keyword competitiveness score you can compare your keyword of choice against the domains ranked in the top 10 Google search results. From there on it is simple to choose the right option that will give your site the highest number of searches, but with the lowest amount of competition possible. This will catapult your page to the top of Google’s search results, giving your website a greater level of exposure among potential customers.


LTP doesn’t just generate a list of long tail keywords, but it also contains a series of detailed metrics for each one of these to help you filter your results, and find the keywords that better suit your needs. These metrics contain every piece of information that you need to know when picking the best keyword for your website: from numbers of searches to bid prices, keyword competition and more.

But in addition to analyzing your keywords, it also helps you track the impact of your search engine marketing strategy on your website. How strong is your domain? How many links should your page have? Is your site indexed? These and many more questions can be answered through Long Tail Pro’s metrics, and are essential to understand if your plan is working or whether you need to change the keywords that you’re using, or even completely re-optimize your website.


Using keywords with a high amount of searches doesn’t guarantee that your sales will increase. In fact, there are many cases of sites that use high search volume keywords, and yet they are still unable to cash on their high search ranking. Calculating a keyword’s profitability is critical if you want to increase the profits of your online business.

Long Tail Pro’s Rank Value feature allows you to calculate your keywords’ profitability in order to find the one that will maximize your profits. By determining which keyword is the most profitable you can attract the right customers who are ready to buy, and therefore generate more sales in a short period of time.


Long Tail Pro works hand in hand with Google AdWords, which allows it to provide detailed and updated information on your keywords’ performance, such as cost-per-click (CPC), local searches, keyword competitiveness and advertiser competition. These statistics are crucial to determine whether your search terms are performing as intended, or show you which ones are under-performing and need to be weeded out.

The data is displayed in a way that is simple enough to read, but still comes with a variety of filters that let you choose what you want to see, whether it’s average cost per click or local monthly searches.


No good keyword research tool would be complete if it didn’t came with an easy method to handle your projects and data. Long Tail Pro includes a friendly interface that allows you to sort your niches by keyword sets and bookmark your favorites, so that you can come back later and revisit them.

In addition, if you want to be able to make the most out of your keyword research, LPT gives you the chance to collect and export lists of keywords, metrics data, Google results, AdWords data, competition numbers, or any other information related to your projects so that you can later review, and reuse it in another future project.

The Right Approach to Create Niches

Building successful niches can help you stand out from you competitors because not only do they help you get more sales, they make you as popular as possible with your target audience. If you want to create a niche for yourself, here are some tips to help you. Marketing can be used to promote any products such as the garmin nuvi 265 wt review website.

1) A powerful way to create a niche is to show your target market that your product offers more safety or reduces risk in some way. People always want to find things that will allow them to do things safely. Obviously this will depend on the niche that you are developing but if you can make it work for you, you will definitely have the advantage over your competition. If you can help your buyers feel comfortable and safe they are more likely to invest in what you are selling. It just takes some insight on your part to see just how to bring the safety factor forward and apply it to your product. 2) Being fast is incredibly important People are always trying to speed things up. Nobody likes to put in a lot of time and go through a waiting period, they’d rather have it done fast. One industry that has really made it big with this one niche creation secret is the software industry. Lots of things that take a long time when done by hand have been sped up by the software industry. Let’s use IM as an example: article submission can take hours when done by hand, especially if you’re submitting to a number of different directories. However, there are software tools that actually do the whole job for you once you set them up. This was just one example, but there are many ways you make your existing your product give faster solutions, which will obviously make you look better and different from the competition. Marketing can be used to promote any products such as the garmin nuvi 1350 review website.

3) Reverse some of the features offered by others in your field because there are probably other things that you can make better that will still help set you apart from your competition. For example, if a competitor is only available during certain days of the week, make sure that you are available when he or she is not. Of course, while there are plenty of ways to use this method, you need to keep in mind that if you really want to find \”gaps\” in the products of your competitors you need to make sure that your own products are top notch. Knowing your own products inside and out is very helpful in helping you analyze competitors in your market.

This is something many sellers overlook which makes their own jobs harder.

In conclusion, if you really want to build a niche that people will frequent often, the tips in this article are ones you should take straight to heart. It’s all about making your product as good as possible so that it attracts buyers and becomes very popular. It doesn’t matter which approach you choose to build your niche just remember that quality is always what matters most so make sure that is where your focus lies.

If you are learning Internet Marketing you will realise that you can use it to promote sites such as the Satellite Navigation website.

DotNetNuke Web Hosting Information

DotNetNuke is a type of web site application framework that is used for making websites. The possibility of the DotNetNuke is certainly going in front of the convenience of producing websites however it is also used for building and controlling websites.

Because it’s an open-source creation, DotNetNuke is free of charge that is dispersed with no cost on the web. The manufacturers of the product need a couple of type of credit is going to be provided for them through the customers of their creation, usually by means of a linkage to the main Web site of their organization.

The product may be employed to make any form associated with web site wherein the consumer doesn’t have to know a lot Read the rest of this entry » DotNetNuke Web Hosting Information

Leading-edge Internet Marketing Techniques

For those people who are engaged in Internet Marketing – whether for their own products or the products of others – the landscape has changed dramatically in the last several years.  Up until 2008 the driving force in internet marketing was the use of published articles.   While it is as important as it ever was, article marketing is now a greatly altered marketing vehicle.   Prior to that point you could write an article using PLR or ‘borrowed’ copy and that was good enough.   You then submitted this article to hundreds of free article directories who would publish it, providing thereby thousands of back links to your site.  

Following that, there was the downstream effect of other, member sites who could then download and/or republish that same article – with the links intact.  In that way, you had the multiplying effect of that one original copy of the article – with the back-links that it provided – plus the added benefit of many more replications of that – with their links to your site.  

While article marketing is still highly critical to IM success, it is a very different Read the rest of this entry » Leading-edge Internet Marketing Techniques

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As of October 4, 2012 Fabian Lim (Keyword Research Pro) has reported that the finishing touches are being added to the new version 2.0, hopefully ready for release within days.
This new version will include a Local Keyword Effectiveness Index that will help identify suitable and effective keywords to target for local markets, and the ability to import a (CSV) list of keywords to generate Google Volume and/or Google Competition. The keyword import feature is not as trivial as it sounds, since many people acquire keyword lists from sources other than the Google Keyword Tool.
Keyword Research Pro 2.0 will operate on PCs and Macs.

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