A Search Engine Optimisation Glossary
Search Engine Marketing Terms Defined

Search Engine Optimization (search engine marketing) is a technique for increasing web traffic. This activity has become an essential weapon to the arsenal of each online business. Sadly, for many business owners and advertising and marketing managers (and even many webmasters), it is also considerably an enigma. This is partly because of the fact that it is such a brand new and rapidly altering field, and partly on account of the fact that search engine optimisation practitioners have a tendency to talk in a language all of their own which, without translation, is just about uninterpretable to the layperson. This glossary seeks to remedy that situation, explaining specialist search engine optimisation phrases in plain English…
See ‘Sponsored Hyperlinks’.
A posh mathematical formula utilized by serps to assess the relevance and importance of internet sites and rank them accordingly of their search results. These algorithms are saved tightly beneath wraps as they are the important thing to the objectivity of search engines like google (i.e. the algorithm ensures related outcomes, and related results bring more users, which in flip brings extra advertising revenue).
article PR
The submitting of free reprint articles to many article submission websites and article distribution lists with the intention to improve your website’s search engine ranking and Google PageRank. (On this sense, the “PR” stands for PageRank.) Like traditional public relations, article PR additionally conveys a way of authority as a result of your articles are widely published. And since you’re proving your expertise and freely dishing out information, your readers will belief you and can be extra more likely to stay loyal to you. (On this sense, the “PR” stands for Public Relations.)
article distribution lists
User groups (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, Google, Smartgroups, and Topica teams) which settle for e-mail submissions of articles in text format, after which distribute these articles through e-mail to the entire members of the group. See also ‘article PR’.
article submission sites
Websites which act as repositories of free reprint articles. Authors go to these sites to submit their articles freed from cost, and site owners go to to search out articles to make use of on their websites freed from charge. Article submission sites generate revenue by promoting advertising house on their websites. See additionally ‘article PR’.
A textual content link to your web site from another website. See additionally ‘link’.
The words used in your website.
Knowledgeable writer who specializes within the writing of advertising copy (compelling, partaking words promoting a specific services or products). See also ‘web optimization copywriter’ and ‘net copywriter’.
Google finds pages on the World Broad Internet and records their details in its index by sending out ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’. These spiders make their approach from page to web page and site to website by following text links. To a spider, a textual content link is sort of a door.
area title
The digital handle of your website (normally in the kind www.yourbusinessname.com). That is what folks will sort after they need to go to your site. It is also what you will use because the handle in any text hyperlinks again to your site.
An digital magazine. Most publishers of ezines are desperate for content material and gladly publish well written, helpful articles and offer you full credit as creator, including a link to your website.
A expertise used to create animated internet pages (and page components).
free reprint article
An article written by you and made freely available to other webmasters to publish on their websites. See also ‘article PR’.
The search engine with the best coverage of the World Vast Web, and which is accountable for most search engine-referred traffic. Of approximately 11.5 billion pages on the World Huge Web, it is estimated that Google has listed around 8.eight billion. That is one cause why it takes so long to increase your ranking!
Google AdWords
See ‘Sponsored Links’.
Google PageRank
How Google scores a website’s importance. It gives all websites a mark out of 10. By downloading the Google Toolbar (from http://toolbar.google.com), you may view the PR of any site you visit.
Google Toolbar
A free tool you’ll be able to download. It turns into a part of your browser toolbar. It’s most useful features are it’s PageRank display (which allows you to view the PR of any site you visit) and it’s AutoFill function (while you’re filling out an online type, you possibly can click AutoFill, and it enters all the standard data mechanically, including Name, Handle, Zip code/Postcode, Telephone Number, Electronic mail Tackle, Business Title, Credit score Card Quantity (password protected), etc.) Once you’ve downloaded and installed the toolbar, you might need to arrange the way you’d like it to look and work by clicking Options (setup is very straightforward). NOTE: Google does report some information (mostly regarding sites visited).
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the coding language used to create a lot of the data on the World Huge Web. Net browsers read the HTML code and display the web page that code describes.
An interconnected network of computer systems across the world.
A programming language used to create dynamic web site pages (e.g. interactivity).
key phrase
A phrase which your prospects search for and which you employ regularly in your website in order to be relevant to these searches. This use often called concentrating on a keyword. Most websites really goal ‘key phrase phrases’ because single keywords are too generic and it is rather tough to rank extremely for them.
keyword density
A measure of the frequency of your keyword in relation to the total wordcount of the page. So if your web page has 200 words, and your key phrase phrase appears 10 times, its density is 5%.
keyword phrase
A phrase which your customers search for and which you employ often on your web site so as to be related to those searches.
A word or image on an online page which the reader can click to go to one other page. There are usually visible cues to point to the reader that the word or picture is a link.
hyperlink path
Utilizing text links to connect a series of page (i.e. page 1 connects to page 2, web page 2 connects to page 3, web page 3 connects to web page four, and so on). Search engine ‘spiders’ and ‘robots’ use textual content hyperlinks to leap from page to web page as they gather information about it, so it’s a good suggestion to permit them traverse your total site through textual content links. (See ‘Link paths’ on p.21. for further information.)
link accomplice
A webmaster who is prepared to put a link to your website on their website. Very often link companions interact in reciprocal linking.
hyperlink recognition
The variety of links to your website. Hyperlink recognition is the single most important factor in a excessive search engine ranking. Site owners use a number of methods to increase their site’s hyperlink popularity including article PR, link change (hyperlink partners / reciprocal linking), link buying, and hyperlink directories.
link text
The a part of a text link that is seen to the reader. When generating hyperlinks to your personal website, they are best (by way of rating) in the event that they embody your keyword.
meta tag
A brief note within the header of the HTML of your web web page which describes some aspect of that page. These meta tags are learn by the various search engines and used to help assess the relevance of a site to a specific search.
pure search outcomes
The ‘real’ search results. The results that most customers are in search of and which take up many of the window. For many searches, the search engine shows an extended list of links to sites with content material which is related to the phrase you searched for. These outcomes are ranked in response to how relevant and important they are.
natural search outcomes
See ‘pure search outcomes’.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising)
See ‘Sponsored Links’.
See ‘Google PageRank’.
Your place within the search results that display when somebody searches for a particular word at a search engine.
reciprocal hyperlink
A mutual settlement between two webmasters to alternate links (i.e. they both add a hyperlink to the opposite’s web site on their own website). Most search engines (definitely Google) are refined sufficient to detect reciprocal linking and they don’t view it very favorably as a result of it is clearly a manufactured method of producing links. Web sites with reciprocal links danger being penalized.
See ‘Spider’.
robots.txt file
A file which is used to tell the search engine spider which pages on a web site shouldn’t be indexed. This file sits in your web site’s root directory on the net server. (Alternatively, you are able to do the same factor by inserting tags in the header section of your HTML for search engine robots/spiders to read. See ‘Optimizing your net ’ on p.22. for more information.)
Many web optimization specialists imagine that Google ‘sandboxes’ new websites. At any time when it detects a new web site, it withholds its rightful rating for a period while it determines whether your website is a genuine, credible, long term site. It does this to discourage the creation of SPAM web sites (websites which serve no helpful purpose aside from to boost the rating of another website). Likewise, if Google detects a sudden improve (i.e. many hundreds or hundreds) within the number of links again to your website, it might sandbox them for a period (or actually penalize you by decreasing your ranking or blacklisting your web site altogether).
search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization. The art of making your website related and essential in order that it ranks excessive within the search outcomes for a specific word.
search engine optimisation copywriter
A ‘copywriter’ who isn’t only proficient at internet copy, but also skilled in writing copy which is optimized for serps (and will due to this fact provide help to obtain a better search engine rating in your web site).
search engine
A search engine is an internet software which lets you seek for web sites which include a particular word or phrase. The most well-known search engines like google are Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
web site map
A single page which contains a listing of text hyperlinks to each web page in the web site (and each page contains a text link again to the positioning map). Consider your web site map as being on the heart of a spider-web.
Generally refers to unwanted and unrequested email despatched en-masse to personal e mail addresses. Additionally used to confer with web sites which seem excessive in search outcomes with out having any useful content. The creators of these websites set them up merely to money in on their high ranking by promoting advertising house, hyperlinks to other websites, or by linking to different sites of their own and thereby rising the ranking of those sites. The various search engines are becoming more and more refined, and already have very environment friendly ways to detect SPAM web sites and penalize them.
Google finds pages on the World Huge Internet and information their particulars in its index by sending out ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’. These spiders make their manner from web page to page and website to web site by following textual content links.
Sponsored Links
Paid advertising which shows subsequent to the pure search results. Prospects can click on the ad to go to the advertiser’s website. This is how the various search engines make their money. Advertisers set their advertisements up to display every time someone searches for a phrase which is expounded to their product or service. These ads look much like the pure search outcomes, but are usually labeled “Sponsored Hyperlinks”, and usually take up a smaller portion of the window. These advertisements work on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis (i.e. the advertiser solely pays when someone clicks on their ad).
You can submit your area name to the search engines so that their ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ will crawl your site. You may also submit articles to ‘article submission sites’ with a view to have them revealed on the Internet.
text hyperlink
A phrase on a web page which the reader can click to go to one other page. Text hyperlinks are normally blue and underlined. Text hyperlinks are what ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ use to leap from page to web page and web site to website.
Uniform Resource Locator. The deal with of a particular page published on the Internet. Usually within the form http://www.yourbusinessname.com/AWebPage.htm.
internet copy
See ‘copy’.
net copywriter
A ‘copywriter’ who understands the distinctive necessities of writing for an internet medium.
An individual responsible for the administration of a particular website.
The number of phrases on a selected web page.
World Broad Internet (WWW)
The vast array of documents printed on the Internet. It is estimated that the World Vast Internet now consists of roughly 11.5 billion pages.

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