These software packages and web-based subscriptions help Internet businesses in researching niche keywords, increasing web traffic, content creation and the general marketing of their products and services online. Posts for some of these products are contained in the product name category in Niche Topics section shown on the right.

We highly recommend each of the software tools described on this page. These are not casual recommendations and should not be taken lightly. We have purchased licenses or subscriptions for each of these products with our own money, without consideration or discounts from the product merchants.

These are the tools we regularly use! There are dozens of related products that we have purchased and licensed which we do use, cannot recommend strongly and have no plans of listing here.

Keyword Research Products

These are tools for finding the best keywords to use to promote your existing products or for examining markets for hot products, information, or services in niches you may be able to fulfill.

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder 5.0In its fifth version, Micro Niche Finder has been around since 2006. As the creator James Jones describes, the first version was used in-house for his own market research purposes. Versions 2 through 5 have been publicly available within the under $100 USD price point since 2007.

This is the keyword research tool we use most, although the tools described below are also quite powerful, with desirable features. As with any software package, its effectiveness depends on your business model, work methodologies and the type of information you need from the product. We think that those with minimum Internet marketing experience will be able to follow the guidelines of this product easily.

The latest major version, Micro Niche Finder 5.0 was released in April, 2010.

Note: The current software version has been updated to v. 5.7.16, as of September 2012.

Keyword Research Pro

The current version of Keyword Research Pro is 1.0.18. It was created by Internet marketer Fabian Lim, who is a Google certified search engine specialist operating primarily in Asia. His package is a straight, no-chaser product that allows keyword researchers to find large numbers of primary, lateral, and long-tail keywords. KRPs powerful filtering enables users to build quick lists of keyword phrases of any length, and the extremely important list of negative keywords for use with Adwords.

This is a one-time payment product, also in the under $100 USD price point.

Keyword Research Pro v. 2.0 is nearing completion more than 1.5 years past its originally planned release date. Nevertheless, creator Fabian Lim assures us that this will be an extremely useful product. We will review it here — as soon as it is available.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai Market Samurai is a uniquely designed software application for niche selection and SEO. Market Samurai is not a membership service; it is downloadable and priced at roughly $150. It is for marketers with, at least, some Internet marketing and SEO knowledge.

This product is for people who are regularly doing SEO; it speeds up the research, analysis, tracking, publishing and targeted link building tasks. Market Samurai finds good websites on which to place backlinks by finding forums and other sites relevant to your keyword. It uncovers the Page Rank data, nofollow and dofollow backlinks, and sites that allow pingbacks; it also can be used to check the backlinks of competitors. Write articles and publish them directly from Market Samurai to your WordPress blog.

From The Noble Samurai Team. Only a one-time payment is required to have access to ongoing updates and to use Market Samurai as much as you like. This product requires Adobe Air and performs on both Windows and Mac.

MoneyWord Matrix

MoneyWord MatrixThis program is one of the software resources that is included with Niche Profit Classroom. The MoneyWord Matrix is based on Adam Short’s formula for identifying those keywords that enable to get your sites highly ranked, and, thus to get a lot of traffic. Niche Profit Classroom is a membership training and resource service costing about $67/mo.

This software is designed to analyze keywords obtained using another keyword research tool. Exported keywords from the Google Keyword Tool can be used as input, as well as any of the keyword research tools described above. The following MoneyWord Matrix video shows how to do this manually, using only a Firefox plugin and Excel.


Content Development Software

These tools assist in creating and syndicating articles for topics relating to your sites that you can use to enhance your sites positions by leveraging the connections between these sites and backlinks from the pages in article directories.

The Best Spinner

The Best SpinnerAfter you have identified your target niche and collected your niche keywords, it’s usually time to get things moving with some article writing. Since most article directories and blog owners don’t like second-hand articles, many authors will try to create unique copies of their articles. Many times, this involves article spinning. For those unfamiliar with the concept of spinning, it is the process of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags.

The Best Spinner is an interactive software program that was released in early 2010. Unlike other traditional academic thesaurus databases, displayed synonyms are immediately enhanced by those previously entered into the system by other TBS members.

The brains behind The Best Spinner is Jon Leger, a developer who has created several Internet marketing products over the past years. The annual cost is $77. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 systems with dotNET 2.0 installed.


The Best SpinnerMost experts agree that article marketing is a low-risk/low-cost, tested method for market your product or service online. SeoLinkVine is a new backlink building, article syndication network from Brad Callen. This subscription service costs $67 a month. The members form a community of blog and blog-like site owners.

Most Internet marketers have problems obtaining backlinks to their websites and pages. SEOLinkvine helps to establish credible, one-way backlinks by leveraging its large community of blogs. SEOLinkVine does not submit your articles to the usual suspects digital warehouses. Instead, blog site owners can choose to allow articles written by other SEOLinkVine members to be uploaded to their sites. Another respect in which SEOLinkVine differs from other article submission and syndication services is that members can, statistically, track their results from using it. A really effective spinning tool is included for convenience, allowing users to create many unique copies of their articles for syndication.